Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Happy New Year, Happy New Cakes

Hi, happy new year and all that. Last year I was limping and being grumpy about having to wish everyone happy new year. This year, I'm giving up on trying to keep track of who I've wished a happy new year so far, so I'm just going to be saying happy new year to everyone at every occasion, regardless of how may times I've wished them it so far, until about mid-February. That solves that problem. Who says you don't get more cleverer when you get old?

I was just in the local corner shop, when something on the edge of my vision caused me to do a proper comedy double-take complete with spin-around while I loudly went 'Ehrrrr?'. What had so ghast my flabber was a cake. A Manor House cake. It's the second North London district to be honoured with a cake, to the best of my confectionery knowledge (the other being a Tottenham cake, which I'm sure I've made mention of in the past). Has anyone ever had a Manor House cake? Was it created in Manor House? Or was the result it a council-funded project to sum up the area around the Picadilly Line station in cake? Given that all Wikipedia can come up with on Manor House is connections to Goths and pornographers, I don't think I'm going to risk tasting the cake soon.

Anyone know of any other North London-related cakes, and the history thereof? Does the Finsbury Park cake exist? What would it taste like? Actually, I think I'm going to use this methodology in meetings when someone raises a bright idea:
- "I think we could rationalise the delivery through structured e-learning technology"
- "Yes, but if it were a cake, what would it taste like?"

(NB the Manor House cake may simply be a name coincidence, but don't spoil my fun. The truth always has to spoil my fun, the bastard.)