Monday, October 29, 2007

Deadpan Conversations, Vol. n

Scene: A phone call to a minicab firm.

Minicab Woman 1: Hello. Where do you want a cab from?
Me: Finsbury Park to London Fields please.
MCW 1: Could you hold on a sec. [To colleague, with hand over receiver] Could you take this one - I'm busting for a piss. I've been waiting for ages!
Minicab Woman 2: Hi, where do you want a cab from?
Me: I hope she makes it.
MCW2: Me too.

Sadly, we'll never know whether she made it or not. Well, unless you ring Bartley cars and ask them.

Hi internet, how are you doing? I've been busy battling the evil BT empire to try and get them to set us up with a phone connection. I would have been more successful if I'd got a bit of paper and written 'MAKE WIRE BE PHONE GOOD' on it, then folded up the paper into a paper aeroplane and flown it out of the window. Also it would have been cheaper.