Friday, November 26, 2004

Hair & Named For

Two things that at first will appear unrelated:

Hair - I cut my housemate's hair last night, as he was starting to look
a touch mulletty. The power you have in your hands is frightening, like
being a brain surgeon, but with the power of ridicule/coolness rather
than life/death. I was going to leave him with a rat's tail at the
back, but as I cut his ear while doing it, I thought it'd be too much.
Next time, maybe.

Named-For: Arrgh. I hate it when people write 'named for' instead of
'named after'. There's only one person in Britain who regularly does
this. Kitty Empire of The Observer, hang your head in shame. I don't
even know if it's technically wrong, American, annoys me, or all three.
Two minutes on Google, and Wikipedia have made me none
the wiser.

Hmm, turns out they were unrelated. Hey!

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