Tuesday, January 31, 2006

The Unexpected Benefits of Buying a Magazine You've Already Read

I bought the current issue of Private Eye (20th Jan - 2nd Feb), despite already having read it at my parents' house. Yes, it was a foolish mistake; a mistake, furthermore, that has cost me £1.40. However, this £1.40 was worthwhile in order to demonstrate the old 'a week is a long time in politics' truism. On page 8, following a long series of allegations about the drinking, lying, and sexual habits of leading Lib Dems comes the following:

"There are no drinking and shagging stories about Mark Oaten, MP for Winchester and one of the serious candidates for the leadership of the Lib-Dems (if that's not a contradiction in terms)."


Unless I'm being incredibly naive, and this is the Eye being knowing and suggestive, and using innuendo to such a high degree that it's all but invisible, but that's hardly their style. They normally just publish it, with as much detail, hearsay and cruelty as they can squeeze in.


  1. Talking of private eye, did anyone see the Politics awards last night? What was Hislops beard all about?

  2. Hislop's Beard? Sounds like something out of a low production value sci-fi epic, probably involving a lengthy quest.

    A fascinating article about Hislop's Beard is here on this link.

    Bald men with beards. When will we learn?