Thursday, May 25, 2006

On Wirelessness and Greggs

I haven't been posting very much recently, mainly because all of my waking hours not spent blinking in baffled amazement have been spent setting up a Wi-Fi network at home. I understand that the term 'Wi-Fi' comes from the widiculously fiddly setting up that you have to do.

Anyway, it's all up and running and I can have as many computers as I've got limbs sharing the internet. More, even. I'm not quite sure why I've done it, other than because it feels futuristic. I have to wear a jumpsuit round the house now. That's how futuristic it is.

I'm just going to sing the praises of Greggs the Bakers. I'm sure there's a dedicated team of Eurocrats ready to ban it lurking somwhere in Brussels. When it goes, I'll miss the sight of hardened bruisers wearing t-shirts in February and being led by a pitbull with balls the size of tangerines coming in and ordering 'two yum-yums please'. All also miss the woman wearing an Arsenal shirt, carrying a bag from the Arsenal shop with a child no doubt named Tony Adam Charlie George Smith buying Tottenham cakes.

Ah, nostalgia. And it was only yesterday it happened.


  1. Yorkshire Lass29 May 2006 at 15:53

    You southerners have it easy.
    Vegetables are banned from N Yorks. The Greggs in my town only do beef, ham or chicken sandwiches, offal pastries and lamb 'n' mint flapjacks. But I'm not going to be weak. I'm sticking to my principles and having bacon butties for lunch.

  2. I could post you a vegetable pasty if you want. In a jiffy bag.

    Here in the South, the greggs (they've dropped the capital) are all actually restaurants, and require booki ng weeks in advance. What I just said about the pitbulls and t-shirts and children was just an elaborate joke on the rest of the country about how backward they are, not paying £15 for a pasty. Fools.