Thursday, July 13, 2006

Zidanimation; The Day of the Flying Ants

I'm just being lazy here, as I could download the best ones and put them on this page, but instead, I'm going to direct you to, which if you scroll through to look at the pretty pictures, you will see that lots of nerd hours have been spent creating the next AYBABTU with what I'm sure everyone's calling Zidanimations. Sadly, few of them focus on the nipple-tweak, but you can't have everything. There's a good one of a cat assassin and another good one embedding Zizou's victim in a Japanese Anime cartoon. [Edit: Actually, I've put some of the best ones up here, but still go to because there's loads more]

Yesterday, in my neck of the woods, was the Day of the Flying Ants. Have you had yours yet? They'll rise up against us one day, mark my words.


  1. And I'd give credit where credit was due, but I can't access at the mo. And I should be doing work anyway. Ahem.

  2. The ants tried to rise, but I put a dampner on things quite literally - boiling water. Seemed to do the job. Shame it doesn't get rid of thunder flies though!