Thursday, February 21, 2008

Tom the Dancing Bug

Jim here. Just a quick recommendation - check out Tom The Dancing Bug (a comic). It's always good. As it's on Salon, you might have to watch an advert first, but it's well worth sitting through any any amount of eyefuckery to look at good comics, eh? And if you agree with me, subscribe to this feed which I've set up with just this comic on, so you'll always know when a new edition is available. Jim out.


  1. Great comic! Amd I'm impressed by your correct useage of the VHF sigh-out of 'out', not 'over-and-out' which is wrong and makes no sense if you know what it means. We'll make a sailor out of you yet!

  2. Arrr, skipper. Glad ye be enjoying it. Hope Down Under is treating you well, and glad to hear they've got the internet. Take care!