Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Xmas Compilation CD: MP3s

I've had a request. Apparently, they're so backwards on the other side of the globe that CDs haven't caught on yet. If, due to your being in Australia, you would prefer your Xmas compilation in one of the three following alternative formats, please drop me a line (jabber (at) theangriestman (dot) com) and I'll do my best to oblige:

  • Special edition heavyweight vinyl remastered by blind audiophile experts in a soundproofed former nuclear bunker

  • MP3s

  • Sheet music (arranged for trombone or zither)
Hope that keeps you all happy enough to have a happy new year.


  1. Cool compilation Jim. Yeah I know I've only just got around to listening to it, but what I'm hearing sounds good. Keep them coming. L

  2. just checked your blog the first time in ages and only just spotted this post!
    Which reminds me....I still haven't downloaded those track, doh! I shall do it right away d henceforth Jim's xmas compilation cd becomes a world-wide phenomenom!!!
    (in Australia)