Friday, June 03, 2005

Nerd's the Word

Right. A semi-comprehensive list of the nerdy things that I did yesterday:

1. Thought that the film Sin City which is being advertised on the radio a lot was actually Sim City when I heard it once. Sim City being the computer game below. I then went off into a whimsical reverie, imagining how great a film about an ambitious mayor of a town who spends decades building up a beatiful community with all the work, amenities and leisure opportunities a town could want, keeping it free of crime and social problems, and then summoning Godzilla, earthquakes and tidal waves to smash it into tiny pieces, just for yucks.
2. I was wearing a badge. Yes, that's pretty nerdy, but the badge was a nice little drawing of a BBC B Micro , which is about as nerdy as a badge can be, except for a badge that says 'nerd'. Which I used to have.
3. I watched the entire first series of the Leauge of Gentlemen. That's quite nerdy.
4. I discussed audio leads.


  1. Yeah hands off girls! ;-)

  2. Yeah, all right. Leave off. Stop bullying me.

    Oh, and:
    5. I just went out and bought the League of Gentlemen boxed set, which I can neither afford nor need in any real sense of the word 'need'. It is my plan to spend at least one evening next week watching it, until I'm sick of the League of Bloody Gentlemen, and won't want to go and watch the new LoG film, saving me about seven quid on going to the cinema. Hmm. Think I just managed to talk myself into justifying the purchase. Please do not submit my maths to any scrutiny, mind.

  3. Then presumably (as you're painting such an attractive picture of yourself already) you put on his socks and sandals and played with your model train set. Ah how sweet little jimpie! ;-) :cue furious deleting of this posting by the crouch grouch:

  4. My, you really are a nerd Jim. I watched every extended version of the LOTR films over the past week. Is that nerdy?

    This week I might watch every single extra on all the LOTR DVD's. And then watch the films again, this time with the director's commentary switched on. Now that HAS to be nerdy.

    The only film I've ever watched all the way through with the commentary on was Evil Dead 2.

  5. Yes, that's pretty nerdy, I'll agree.

    Director's commentaries are by far the nerdiest thing that anyone can get involved in without visiting a Star Trek convention (or better still, visiting a virtual online Star Trek convention).

    I've not watched many director's commentaries all the way through. In fact, I wouldn't be too surprised if many directors, knowing this, turned off the microphone and buggered off out of the studio after 25 minutes.

    Director's Commentary Drinking Game - Drink a finger of drink (preferably a pint of Director's Bitter, the favoured booze of Alan Partridge) for each of the following that occurs in any given director's commentary:

    - "Ah, now this is a nice shot I want to discuss..."
    - "And this scene features the peerless/inimitable/lovely/charming/beautiful Arthur Actor. A delight to work with."
    - "That make-up was hell to apply, wasn't it Graham?"
    - The director points out a continuity error.
    - Anything added on in post-production to zero noticiable effect.
    - Any backstory that had to be cut owing to time constraints.
    - Any point where the commentators just sit back and laugh at their own jokes.
    - "A nightmare to light, this scene..."
    - Anything that had to be censored or changed for the American market.

  6. Calling Lord of the Rings LOTR on first mention is pretty nerdy itself.

  7. PS No offence.

  8. Using the phrase 'on first mention' might count as nerdy, making you sound like the Guardian Readers' Editor balling out some hack with a battered copy of the Style Guide to hand.

    (I wish I was the Readers' Editor. Think of all the pedantry I'd get up to! Ooh.)