Friday, September 16, 2005

Black Gold

I've been wondering, amidst this Crisis of Crises at the petrol pumps, how one purchases petrol without being one of the dreaded panic buyers of petrol that you hear so much about these days. Do you saunter casually, whistling, perhaps wearing carpet-slippers, fill your tank only half full, stop and glance at the newspapers, pick up some wilted roses and charcoal, pop your pasty in the microwave, and engage the attendant in conversation at the weather? I think THE GOVERNMENT should issue advice.

I've been on holiday. Berlin, if you didn't know already, is great. And that's that.


  1. As I am vaguely connected to THE GOVERNMENT, being - much in way of a decent butler - a civil servant (of sorts), can I suggest the following advice...
    Hang on, since when did you have a car?

  2. And you've been spammed again.
    And don't try pulling that 'I see no spam' trick on me, Sunshine.

  3. Ha ha you were spammed!!!

    I mean what is the thinking behind this? Surely nobody can think that a spam link on a blog is a good way to find a loan?!

    I wish I could have a home owner loan unfortnately I don't own a home

    I figured out the other day that all I do own is some clothes, some books, a small stereo and a small TV...and that is it - literally. This thought made me quite sad.