Friday, October 21, 2005

Cameron Jogs to Victory

One of the papers this morning, I forget which, had the headline

Cameron Jogs to Victory
on the board outside. When I got inside the newsagents, there it was, a picture of David Cameron, jogging. Really, the headline should have been
Cameron Jogs
or at the very most
Cameron Jogs to to the Shops
I don't know the intimate regulations surrounding the election of the new Tory leader, but I can be fairly confident that it doesn't involve a running race between the two leading contenders. This would, however, be preferable to the current system of Who's Taken the Least Cocaine?


  1. ah, the tory leadership contest. Does anyone really care?

    i think it should be broadcast as a type of x-factor style boot-camp where they all have to live together in one house and fight to the death.

  2. Cameron Diaz jogs naked?

    ( I like to lower the tone every now and again).