Monday, November 07, 2005

Chores of a Domestic God

Hello internet. My main preoccupation at the moment is the Wahsing Mountain which has recently formed following the moving in together of two people who don't do their washing often enough, but still have the dignity to insist on fresh underwear every single day. Going through the various strata, I have found socks I had thought gone forever, which was a teary and emotional moment.

May just have been the smell though, ho ho ho.


  1. That's a scandalous lie...I do my washing...I have however been noticing items of clothing I had forgotten about recently - this is primarily because a full washing basket was put into storage by someone I know ;-)

  2. This domestic squabble was brought to you by Persil - Clean up your disputes without compromising your colours.

  3. Socks stolen by Catherine by any chance...?

    PS Did you erect the Wah-sing Mountain in tribute to Chinese president Hu Jintao, currently visiting this country?

  4. High. Brow. Ladies and Gentlemen, I offer you the esteemed author of the Guardian Column 'Mr Whimsy's World of Whimsy'. Clever bastard.

    And yes, whenever I can't find the second sock of the pair, I have to trudge round one-socked to Catherine's house, bang on the door and wait for her to come down in her rollers, fag hanging out of her mouth (and odd socks, neither of which she purchased or was given).