Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Conversations I Didn't Have With Shop Assistants vol n+1

Scene: At the desk at an electronics shop, waiting for the Chip and PIN machine to confirm my credit-worthiness.

Electronics Shop Assistant One: Well, I ain't being discriminatory or anything, but you won't know what it is...
Electronics Shop Assistant Two: I might.
ESA1: Alright then. It's like a cross between a lychee...
ESA2: Right...
ESA1: ...and an apple.
ESA2: An apple?
ESA1: An apple.
ESA2: Oh.
ESA1: See what I mean? Knew you wouldn't've heard of it.
ESA2: What does it taste like?
ESA1: Oh man...
ESA2: Hmm?
ESA1: It tastes like a cross between...
ESA2: Yes?
ESA1: ...a cross between an apple and a lychee.
ESA2: Oh.

There's probably a word out there for the feeling that you get when you wish you had asked someone what the name of the fruit they were describing was but didn't. However, I don't care what that word was. I just want to know what the name of the fruit was. What was it? WHAT?


  1. COuld it be a mangosteen? Described here: as the best tasting fruit in the world.

    Then again possibly a durian, which has it's own website dedicated to the 'king of fruits' here:
    Although they describe it as banana pudding with scotch and flowers and strawberries and apples or lychees.

  2. let me just add here a woo! because I've jsut discovered my work network no longer blocks posting to your site. Woop woop!

  3. If it was a durian, I think they might have mentioned the smell...

    How about a kiwi fruit - they personally I don't get the resemblance. Or a star fruit, or a prickly pear...???

    Go back and ask!

  4. My life's work is now going to be dedicated to finding out what the hell this damn fruit was.

  5. Er, frankly, I'm never going to find out. Unless someone fancies popping into the New Oxford Street branch of Morgan Computers and asking them. Cheers. I can't, for reasons you wouldn't understand. Unless you understand the concept of 'laziness'.