Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Bouba Diop and Knots

Can't really explain adequately, but I've developed a mild obsession with Bouba Diop from Fulham, the Premiership also-rans. Why Papa Bouba Diop? Is it his giant loping gait as he surges forward from defence? Or is it the fact that his name sounds like the noise you get in arcade machines when you get an extra life? (Clue: it's the second one.) Apparantly his nickname, according to the official website is the frankly unlikely 'Wardrobe'. I fear the explanation of this, frankly, and will not be delving any deeper.

Also on a football bent, mainly just to piss off those of you who dislike football (most people I know), Roy Keane, currently Sunderland manager, is busy practising tieing the world's largest tie knot. For Roy to stand out amonsgt the already noted for their large-knottedness breed of footballers, it's clear testimony to his fearless professionalism that he has to be the best at what he does, even if this is just tieing his tie. What a pro.
Sorry, that's a lot of football, really. Pretend they're pirates if that helps.


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  2. Talkin' o' pirates...I've put my pirate photos up here

  3. Cool for cats. Good stuff, except you didn't edit out the ones of me looking camp/drunk. Drunk is an ok look for a pirate, though, I guess. I really did look manly though. Should you not have had pirate overload, there's about 8 of my photos up on My Flickr page - just sit back and keep your eyeballs pointed at the screen and flickr will do it all for you.