Wednesday, October 18, 2006


After buying some new shoes, my anticipation heightens until I can get them home, open up the box, take the shoes out, put them to one side, root around in the box until finally I come across the small packet labelled 'Silica Gel'. Every time, though, I am thwarted and disappointingly have to put it to one side and start lacing up the shoes, because, every time I get the silica gel packet, I'm confronted with the spoilsport words, 'Do Not Eat', ruining my fun. Bah.

Even worse is the only instruction: 'Throw Away'. So blunt that you daren't disobey it. It's the only thing standing between me and a cupboard full of hoarded silica gels that I'm not allowed to eat.

Each time I get new shoes, I also get to remember with fondness how lacing up your shoes in a non-approved fashion-failing way would be merely the prelude to ridicule and abuse as a child. If you were looking for a positive thing to say about bullying, you can definitely say that it instills a sense of correctness and attention to detail in the victim.

Ah, shoes. They sure are evocative things. Just be glad I haven't gone on about shoe boxes yet.


  1. In this day and age, surely the manufacturer ought to throw away the Silica Gel for you in order to reduce the packaging.

  2. You make me laugh Jim!

    Talking of shoes, I still need to arrange a meeting with you about some boots...

  3. You're dead right. Shoe boxes are worse. It's enough to make you take to Wellingtons.

  4. Dear Jim. Please update this blog because my lunchtimes are getting very boring.
    Yours impatiently,