Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Boro, Freemasons & Bouncers

Well, obviously you sports fans won't need reminding, but for the record:

Come on Boro!

That's 7.30 on Saturday on Sky 1, or for the more intrepid of you, in Stoke. League football and increased ticket prices, here we come!
Yesterday, at the pub (The Ship Tavern, to be precise), the upstairs room was booked for a private function. Eventually, a load of identically dressed dark suited fat blokes, all carrying black leather briefcases marched in. They were sinister Freemasons out on the piss. I wish I was the member of some shadowy back-scratching organisation. I was a member of the Woodcraft Folk, but it doesn't have the same cachet.
On a similar tip, I wondered if there was a Worldwide Bouncers' Convention held, who would work the doors?
Also also, while reading Word Magazine, the following sentence popped out at me during a Stuart Maconie article:
This was what distinguished Cream from more stolid hard rock peers like Vanilla Fudge.
Mmm. This actually makes sense on both levels. Vanilla fudge is more stolid than cream.


  1. Are you going up to Stoke or have you got to watch it on the 2D hell(It's a goal! Oh no it's a throw in) that is television?

  2. Sadly Stoke is a trip too far, so it'll be Sky's coverage. Sky should have a digital red button option where instead of commentary you get an old man grumbling about the fact that the obstruction rule is never enforced in modern football - "He's clearly not playing it ref! Freekick! Gah! Etc!"