Friday, May 06, 2005

Stop Living Like You're In a Coma

Doctor Dictionary today was brought to me by the following message:

In less than 1 hr. I can train you to easily and instantly enter your
own ultimate peak performance state any time you want - just like
Olympic and professional athletes. Stop living like you're in a coma.
Quickly learn to "turn it on" like the champions in life do at will.
F*R*E'E online demo.
Oh that I could.
In unrelated news, as you'll no doubt be more than aware of, what with the blanket media coverage and overwpowering hype, the second leg of the Conference play-off semifinals is tonight. Come on Boro!

The referee for the match is somewhat card-happy, though: in the last match he refereed, he gave nine yellow cards, one red and two penalties... Sounds like a fun game in the offing, esp considering our centreback spent most of the match thwacking people with his elbow.
Oh, and Michael Howard's only gone and quit, hasn't he? The big quitter! How will they shoot themselves in the foot this time? Elect the ghost of Anthony Eden to head the party?
And I know I've nagged you before, but go and join Mil Millington's Mailing List. If you're bored on this Friday afternoon, and the Man won't let you out to frolick, you can just waste his time by reading a large selection of his previous writing. Ha!


  1. Congratulations on staying up with the big boys of the Championship, Brighton.

  2. Yes, well done. You needed a calculator and statistician handy to work out what was happening with the playoffs and relegations. It won't be long before someone suggests having a play-off for relegation too. Shudder.