Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Business As Usual & Deadpan Conversations With Shop Staff vol 12

Well, the Today programme was back on the air this morning, the only difference being instead of shouting at politicians they were shouting at the bosses and trade union representatives in the BBC dispute.

This morning, Greggs, getting breakfast.

Me: Pain au chocolat, please.
Woman: [Confused look] Pardon?
Me: Pain au chocolat, please.
Woman: Oh, ok.

I was wearing my v-neck jumper back to front, which I hope accounts for the slightly startled look on her face. Not a great start to the day, but it was only fifteen minutes of wandering around idiot-style.


  1. You can't accuse John Humphrey's of being biased. I liked the way he argued with both the BBC bosses AND the union reps - especially when he himself is affected by this. Well, that's probably not true as I doubt he's one of the 400 getting the sack.
    I see on the BBC homepage the Today Program is summarised as 'Intelligent Speech". That amused me. If you've ever listned to Humph hopelessly try to argue his case against a professional scientist you'll know why.

  2. (I apologise for the gross mis-use of the apostrophe in that last post....sorry)

  3. Forgiven.

    John Humpreys

    Strengths: Shouting.
    Weaknesses: Understanding the subtleties of science, the arts, politics, religion, etc.