Friday, May 13, 2005

What You're Doing on 20th May

Using my sinister Derren Brown-like powers, I know in advance that you'll choose to spend your evening of Friday 20th May here watching these, who are Bison, who are so much more enjoyable to watch than Coldplay that it's not possible to convey in words. Actually, it is possible to convey in words, but these words would have to be carved in the finest marble and stand one hundred feet tall with neon edging and fireworks, and I just haven't got the funds at the moment.

Really, go and see them, they're great fun.

And while I'm telling you what you're doing: Don't forget to glue your eyeballs to the box to watch the impudent underdogs Stevenage Boro play the evil cackling ex-league Carlisle to see who gets the second promotion slot for League Football. Carlisle were born with a silver spoon in their mouth, assault the homeless with their silver canes and play in top hats and monocles in front of huge home attendances of fans who consider that it's their blood-right to play in the league, boo.

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  1. Isn't watching everything more enjoyable than watching coldplay?