Thursday, August 11, 2005

Cricket, Football, Stupids

I'm going to be ploughing a somewhat narrow furrow here, but, for those of you who have an interest in cricket, football, and laughing at stupid people, take a look at the Gruaniad's over-by-over analysis of the 3rd Test, where people have taken it upon themselves to relate (possibly apocryphal) anecdotes attesting to Jason McAteer's famed stupidity. You can find it here, and the McAteerisms start around the 58th over, with England 210-2 (Vaughan 103, Bell 18).

Feel free to also use the over-by-over analysis to enjoy the cricket. It's by far the best way to watch it when your office doesn't have a television, like mine doesn't. They were interviewed forningly in the Londonist, which is itself enjoyable more generally. Howzat?

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