Friday, August 19, 2005

Keyring Dinky Things

I've come in for criticism from some quarters recently for mentioning sports recently. I'll try and keep this one free of such references.

I'm also mocked for the amount of gadgets I carry round on my keyring (a Swiss army knife and usb flash drive dongle - if you don't know what one is, you probably don't need one, but here's an explanation). Well, actually, I'm mainly mocked because every time I go through an airport I forget to take it off and have to hand it over to the Men in Grey. Every time. And then buy a new one. Also last time I also had a pair of scissors with me, which although about as dangerous as a biro, I had to hand over.. Anyway, it's all worth it for the sheer pleasure of being able to cut things that need cutting as and when I please, and being able to screw screws (either flathead or phillips) with great inefficiency. And I can't tell you the number of times that the ability to tweeze things with the tweezers has come in useful. OK, it's none, but you never know.

The usb dongle has also been useful to have on my person at all times on precisely one occasion, when my workmate needed to transfer a file to a laptop which didn't have a floppy drive and she needed to do it now. Averting this one nerdmergency has justified me in carrying my little geek gadgets around from here to eternity. I'm just wondering what else I could add to the collection to make me even more secure when out on the dangerous streets of N8, which are fraught with hazards, data transferral issues and screws that need tightening.


  1. I think you'll find that those in the know call it a 'dong'.

    And why is it that screws screw, tweezers tweeze, but scissors don't sciss?

  2. Yes, I used to call it that, but following the industrial tribunal on the sexual harassment charges, I refer to it as a USB flash drive. Bitter, bitter experience is the only way to learn.