Friday, August 26, 2005


I'm up to 'Echoboy' now, thanks for asking.

Today, I feel like the King of Cool. I'm in the office on my own, and I've brought in my little 4 1/2" black & white telly, and I'm sat watching the cricket. No need for the over by over commentary on the Guardian, thank you very much.

Saw Nick Cave at Ally Pally last night, which was absolutely great, again. Probably among the top two gigs I've seen, and seeing as the other one in contention is Nick Cave at Brixton Academy last year, the boy's doing ok. The band came out and played very heavily and were just amazing. And there's not many fortysomething christians who can say that. Sadly, I wasn't able to add to the Nick Cave teatowel I bought at the last gig. The Nick Cave kitchenware range seems to have stalled somewhat.

Alexandra Palace itself was interesting. I've not been to a gig there before, but the place has been done up in a tribute to a shopping centre's homage to what a palace would look like. Very odd.


  1. you've been spammed!

    I like the web address: 'savedamonies'. Needless to say I haven't actually clicked on the links

  2. What spam? I see no spam. Can anyone else see any spam? No. That's because there is none. Unless your message is the spam.

    OK, so I deleted it. Partly out of a civic-minded duty to protect people from being duped (I saw a nostalgiarama documentary on the history of Watchdog yesterday), partly out of anger that someone should dare to spam my page, and partly to make Keri look like a idiot.