Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Fantasy Football

I've just signed up to do fantasy football leauge, against my better judgement. Not that my better judgement ever gets its way. It's not as good as my best judgement, nor as instant as my good judgement, so I tend to ignore it. Normally I just flip a coin to decide what I do. Anyway, fantasy football is against my better judgement because I don't actually know that much about football, or at least not as much as people who know who the West Ham reserve youth team goalkeeper's girlfriend is. Also, my interest wains very easily. I've now got to do this for a whole season. Well, unless I just stop and let my team drift slowly to the bottom. Unless it was already at the bottom, which is a definite possibility.

Also I don't know how I'm supposed to get the respect of my eleven highly paid and superbly gifted footballers, what with my background of university administration and tennis.

Anyone who wants to compete with me should let me know, and I'll see if you can join Allen's League of Allen.

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