Thursday, August 25, 2005

File That Son-of-a-Bitch

Just to keep you up to date with what's happening in my exciting life. I'm an administrator by profession, but I've now turned this passion to my home life. I'm currently reorganising my CD collection. Radically. I've decided to get rid of all the plastic cases, and compact them all into a specially bought chest, which has hanging file dividers with dinky CD files in. Currently, two days into the project, I've made slow progress through A, B and C, and as I left it last night, I was hovering around the DJ Shadow mark. If anyone wants plastic cases, cd trays (both black placcy and the highly sought-after unbroken transparent trays), or the more esoteric cases available such as double/triple cds, slim jewel cases, a couple of natty orange semi-transparent trays, etc., you're more than welcome to them. Let me know. Also, I've got some (lots) CD towers that I no longer have any use for. Let me know also.

My life is so exciting that I took to wondering about Joe Pasquale. Presumably, having had a reasonable degree of success in his life - his VHS of the Live & Squeaky tour having grossed in excess of £1 million, Wikipedia informs me - he's in a position to employ other people. In fact, he owns a production company, so would have to. What manner of person, though, would be able to take him seriously as a boss? Could his voice ever convey the seriousness of intent, the nasty hard-edged quality that is needed to inspire loyalty and fear? Can you imagine him sacking someone? His face incandescent with rage as he rants away, only audible to bats, about unprofessionalism and how you owe him for all the trust he's put in you and is this how you repay him, you worthless nothing, you'll never work in this town again? I got so into this flight of fancy I nearly mis-filed a Leonard Cohen CD.

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