Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Deadpan Conversations With Shop Sales Staff, Vol 10

Scene: A cornershop, not too far from Alexandra Palace. L & I, thirsty, decide to get drinks - 'Bina for me, Coke for her. On looking at the coke lid (to try and work out what language of coke is being drunk) we find out it passed its sell-by date in Sept 2004.

Me: This coke I've just bought - it's passed its sell-by date.
Shop Guy: Hmm. [Frowns. Discusses in foreign language with his superior, who goes off to the fridge. He roots about for a while, then produces another bottle]
Me: Thanks. Hey, this one is expired too. Look - March '05.
Shop Guy's Superior: Hmm. [Goes back to fridge. The floor behind him is now covered with bottles of coke from the fridge. Continues to root around. Eventually returns with a third bottle, which is in date.]
Me: Thanks.
SGS: Hmm. [Surveys shop, now covered with past their sell-by bottles of coke].

The moral? Stock rotation, my son, stock rotation.

Also, have just booked a cottage holiday near Beer. I've been promised that the transport links will be awful.


  1. It's refreshing to see that every twist and turn in our mommouth 'find a holiday cottage' search has found its way onto the blog...if you're interested in robbing us while we're away you'll be happy to know that we'll be notifying you of the dates soon and leaving the keys outside under a hideously obvious plant. Alternatively come along...it seems that Devon can accommodate a family the size of a football team but not the Angriest Man and his slender young girlfriend (it's a blog...of course I'm slim and beautiful)

  2. By the way the blog clock hasn't lost an hours sleep by turning itself forward. Clock rotation my son, clock rotation!

  3. Good spot. The internet's clock is actually very high up on the wall, and I haven't got a stepladder, and health & safety considerations prevent me from changing it.

    Also, the Editor of the Internet would like me to point out that I have a full head of hair, I just choose not to let it grow. He's a strange man, the Editor of the Internet. I think he has a little drinky at lunchtime.

  4. Ah yes, the days when Jim let his hair grow wild:
    On a completely different note, I went to see Idlewild at Shepherd's bush last night, and they were fantastic - but we had seats boooo. Also, Sons and Daughters were the support - whom I knew thanks to your xmas compliation cd!