Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Eggs, Nutters, Football and Bees - How They Are Related

In Sainsbury's yesterday, browsing the cut-price Easter eggs, when a large jovial nutter walks up to me:

Large Jovial Nutter: They can't give those Easter eggs away to us now, can they, eh?
Me: [Shakes head, adopts mock sombre look]
LJN: Eggs!
Me: [Intently studies ingredients in Easter Eggs, discovers largely consistent of chocolate]
LJN: [Swaggers off down aisle, singing loudly] Let's all got to Tesco's/Where your mum gets her best clothes/La-la-la-la...

Cycling past some kids outside a school yesterday, who were kicking a ball around. Well, at each other. A girl gets hit, and, in that voice normally reserved for saying, ummm-telling-on-you, she says, 'You - can't - hit - me, I've got AZ-ma!'
I'm terrified of bees now, after seeing a documentary last night about how terrifying bees are. I'm going to give up honey, just in case the bees, as I suspect is inevitable, use the incredible collective intelligence of the hive mind to rise up and take over, and then demand retribution.

On the other hand, both 'bees' and 'honey' are inherrently funny words, which make me giggle like a child when I hear them. What am I to do?


  1. honey bee honey bee honey bee!

  2. Arrgh, I accidently clicked on "Next Blog" and was taken to this which made interesting reading and then linked to the holy land blimey!

  3. Weird. I've already seen one heavily religious blog use that exact template. I think it's a special template exclusively for praising god through the image of a grainy weird seaside building. The holy land experience looks like Disneyland for Jesus-freaks! Brilliant. The motto of the place is "It's been 2000 years since the world has seen anything like this!" The rollercoaster's probably a bit shit, though.