Thursday, April 28, 2005

The Grammys (sp?)

There are, at last count, more music awards than stars in the night sky, so I can be forgiven surely to god for not being aware who won the Grammys. I think it happened in February, but the website's a little short on such specifics, so we'll have to guess. What it's not short of is a list of who won the 47th Grammy Awards. For those of you frightened of following links, I provide a digest below.

Best Engineered Album, Classical
(An Engineer's Award. (Artist names appear in parenthesis.))

* Higdon: City Scape; Concerto For Orchestra
Jack Renner, engineer (Robert Spano)

Best Polka Album
(Vocal or Instrumental.)

* Let's Kiss: 25th Anniversary Album
Brave Combo

Best Surround Sound Album
(For vocal or instrumental albums. Albums only.)

* Genius Loves Company
Al Schmitt, surround mix engineer; Robert Hadley & Doug Sax, surround mastering
engineers; John Burk, Phil Ramone & Herbert Waltl, surround producers (Ray
Charles & Various Artists)
[Concord Records/Hear Music]

Best Spoken Word Album
(Narrated/dramatized books include authors' names in parenthesis for identification.)

* My Life
Bill Clinton
[Random House Audio]

Best Historical Shoegazing Album
(Vocal or Instrumental.)

* Loveless:
My Bloody Valentine

Best Album Made on a Thursday

* Beautiful Intentions
Melanie C

OK, so I did make up the last two, but how long was this ceremony? There's one hundred and seven awards! It's like that thing in school where there's a school awards night, but everyone gets an award, because everybody's special in some way. I'm going to stop soon before I sound like a Social Darwinist (no, not the sort who discuss evolution theories over canap├ęs and red wine, smartarse), but I'll leave you with this thought:

Just how strong is the American polka-music lobby that they can get their own award into the Grammys? Does no-one else conisder this sinister? How high does this go? Is the president implicated?

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