Friday, April 22, 2005


Click for bignessI don't know why, but I may just have this page in whatever language this is in future. I think it's Chinese, but I'm massively ignorant, so it could be anything really.Mistranslation courstesy of Yahoo.

Oh, it's That means Chinese, right? I spent too many geography lessons just colouring in maps and doing wordsearches.


  1. The words: 'No-one', 'else', 'predeliction' and 'denied' didn't translate. Perhaps Chinese people don't have these concepts.

    At this point I was going to ask whether your translation was in Mandarin or Cantonese Chinese. then I found THIS SITE which defines EIGHT different Chinese languages, and says there are about 300 versions of "Chinese" spoken around the Asian world. So which one is your translation Jim?

  2. Pretty sure this isn't chinese...looks like japanese. Ask Lord Twyning of Tooting.