Thursday, April 21, 2005


I received a letter from the landlord of the cottage we're renting to go on holiday. Perfectly normal letter, thanking me for the deposit, telling me about local attractions, transport links, y'know. What struck me is that the envelope has a sticker on the front for the address featurning four owls staring dead-eyed out at me. The only thing it says is 'protect owls', as the owls stare accusatorially back at me. What? Stop staring at me! I haven't harmed any owls! (Recently!)

I hope this owl thing doesn't set the tone for the holiday. I hear Devon is full of them.

Went to a very nice pub last night. There's a 'no mobiles' rule, and someone was made to leave the bar for answering their phone. Also, the bar is sunken, so when you buy a drink you loom over the bar staff like some kind of pint-ordering giant.


  1. I was going to call you an old scrooge for liking the ban on mobiles. Then I thought about all the times I've met up with a couple of mates in a pub with the intention of socialising with them, and everyone has been sat round the table talking to other people on their phones. Its really very annoying and makes you wonder what the point of meeting up with them was if no one is going to speak to each other. So I take back my thinking you're a scrooge!

  2. Have been to the other end of the 'no mobiles in bars' spectrum. Last night managed to go to a bar that was so loud that you wouldn't be able to use a mobile phone.

    I too have experienced the situation where everyone around the table is having their own separate phone conversation. It all lends weight to my idea of the teleconference pub, where you all sit round with a can of whatever and talk into webcams. If one of you gets bored, you can go and play on an online fruit machine. Then arrange for a friend to come and turn off the computer at the plug at 11:15pm. Actually, that's one of the worst ideas I've ever had.