Friday, April 01, 2005

What's Currently Scaring Me

Gmail keeps adding more storage space! I thought I was doing ok in filling it up, but the bugger's only gone and added 225MB more. Now I look back, and it's 229MB! It's going up by the second! If my calculations are correct, my gmail account will expand to fill the universe by about next Thursday, which will mean we'll be squeezed out of this universe, and into another one. Cautious estimates indicate that this universe is likely to be filled with unicorns and chocolate fountains, although this is of course subject to availability.

Further to my geeky bus reminiscing, C is looking into buying us a bus to travel to Glastonbury in, and to cause even greater parking problems in North London from I'd like a red one with stripes. And I'd like to be the conductor. NO TALKING ON THE BUS! NO FEET ON SEATS! Oh yeah.

Now it's 1232MB. [Shudders]


  1. all together now: "we're all going on a....summer hol-i-day!"

  2. Don't forget the most important line of that song..."no more workin' for a week or two"

    Oh please let that be true!

  3. Weirdly, when C applied for the bus, they asked her 'purpose of purchase' to which she replied 'Summer Holiday'. That bloody Cliff Richard isn't coming on it, though. There have been lots of unfortunately sterotypical trainspotters (busspotters) outside work, watching a parade of antique buses go by. There's apparently been free travel on the 19s, and there's been a real carnival atmosphere. I'm welling up, to be quite honest.

    Also, my Gmail account has gorged itself to 1368MB, which terrifies the hell out of me.