Thursday, February 10, 2005

Riots accompany Ikea opening

This story tickled me so much that I burst out laughing, and then had to explain myself.

The idea of crazed twenty-somethings looking to furnish their first flats and bringing out the savagery inherent in man makes me all warm and fuzzy inside. The suspicion that Chris Morris is behind it all is hard to shake.

Of The Sun's coverage, my favourite is this line:

"I saw women punching women and men threatening children."


  1. It made my morning to wake up to that story! 4000 people crowded outside the IKEA store to get in. One person was even stabbed amdist the flat-pack-frenzy!

  2. and 'the day today' was the most brilliant programme of the 90's. But I doubt even Chris Morris couldn't come up with a story more stupid than this one.

  3. Flat-pack frenzy indeed. I'd like to imagine there's a group of rioters still in the store, descending into a Lord of the Flies style hierarchy of bullying and squabbling for precedence. Whoever holds the phillips-head screwdriver and allen key is in charge.