Monday, February 21, 2005

When Oh When Oh When...

... will they release the second series of Fifteen Storeys High on DVD? I've been rerewatching the first one recently, and it's absolutely the funniest thing that's been on telly for ages. If there were any justice in the world, they’d strip Ellen Macarthur of her damehood and award it to Sean Locke, writer and star of 15SH. I may vote against Labour on this very basis come May.

In one of my favourite scenes, Vince (Sean Locke) has discovered a new budget supermarket which sells a Polish energy drink called Blue Rat (“All the Energy of a Rat… In a Can!”). He then gets increasingly nervy and stays up all night monitoring the neighbours through binoculars. In another episode he gets a wrong number:

[Into phone] “Is Mandy here? I don’t know, I’ll just check.” [Shouts] “Mandy? Mandy? Are you there Mandy?” [To flatmate] “Have you seen Mandy?” [Into phone] “Dunno. What does she look like? Oh, I’m wasting your time? I had to walk all the way across the flat to pick this call up, and now I’m wasting your time? I’m a busy man; I was halfway through a sheet of bubblewrap.”

Now, Eastenders. I don’t watch it more than occasionally, but Friday’s episode seems to have been quite exciting. I didn’t watch more than about the first ten minutes, but from the account I heard Den was killed by a concrete dog, which seems like an impossibly exotic way to go. Can anyone confirm the presence of the murderous petrified pooch? Did it escape from an experimental travelling freakshow that was passing through Walford?
The whole of work's network has been down this morning, meaning no internet. This hasn't resulted in the surge of productivity you might expect, because we can't access work email either, so everyone's just been wandering round the building aimlessly, complaining about it to anyone who'll listen. I imagine this is what people mean when they talk about the Blitz Spirit.

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