Monday, February 14, 2005

Weekend TV

Morning all. Hope you had good weekends. Most people's will have involved an anecdote-worthy cab ride, if my immediate circle are anything to go by. We took a taxi ride paid for by a racist, which I don't think I'll be looking to repeat any time soon. You can only grunt non-comittally in order to avoid confrontation so many times before you start to sound like a teenage Neanderthal. I'm walking everywhere from now on.

Did anyone see Nathan Barley at the weekend? I've got it recorded, but suspect it's going to be crap, and I'd at least like to be prepared for disappointment before I go in.

Oh, and what was TV's most tearjerking moment from last night? I think they'd got down to the time that the Blue Peter tortoise was put out of its misery on air by the time I had to go to bed. The 100 Most Tearjerking Moments was, of course, presented by side-partinged gagger Jimmy Carr, whose ubiquity on Channel 4 leads me to believe he's about to launch a coup to take over the channel, perhaps in alliance with some repeated episodes of Friends. I wouldn't have any problems with this, just so long as a live execution of Avid Merrion from Bo Selecta takes place within his first month of power.


  1. Happy valentine's day! I know I'm single and therefore supposed to be miserable today, but I'm actually quite cheerful.

    I would love to update you on the televisual delights of the weekend Jim, but unfortunately I was doing other stuff.

  2. Well, couldn't you have recorded some of it for me?

  3. I really liked Nathan Barley. I thought it had a furious moral centre of righteous indignation, expressed by the unexpectedly poignant character of Dan Ashcroft. The ending where he was playing paper-scissors etc and the woman from Teachers said, "Don't the idiots play that?" and he nodded or said "yes" was perfect. Plus I really liked it when they were driving around the office on little tractors. Paul