Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Brad Pitt & Nathan Barley

There was a man on Highbury Grove yesterday. He was accosting people incoherently. When it was clear wasn't getting much response he turned to shouting, and the bit I caught while waiting for the bus was:

"...getting back with Brad Pitt. Brad Pitt! Brad Pitt! That stupid fat wanker! Brad Pitt! Arsehole!..."

The unstoppable spread of using Nathan Barley as a useful journalistic shorthand continues. Today, in a short review of Beck, Alex Petridis in the Gruniad manages to mention the phrase 'bleeding edge mobile phone technology' no less than three times.

Ooh, and isn't the weather nice?


  1. It's not quite as pleasant in an office.

  2. It's even less pleasant in a small windowless room containing lots of hot computer equipment and two sweaty men.