Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Photos from Venice

jim sunset venice, originally uploaded by Bill Murray's Moustache.

Were you on holiday with this man recently? No? Want to see what you missed? Well, have a look at my account and you'll be able to. Better still, you can dim the lights, sit back, crack open a can of warm bitter and watch it as a slideshow, which is pretty damn slick.

These flickr accounts are quite good fun. Warning - uses Flash a lot, which makes things look slidy and swirly and pretty. Not so good for poor old dial-up me though...


  1. well, pimp, apart from a couple of ones of me gurning early on - which i can hardly blame on you - you've outdone yourself, as expected. Thanks!

  2. not to be outdone, I've posted my skiing photos here

    And they can also be viewed as a slideshow too ner ner ner.

  3. p.s. your photos are very beautiful

  4. Thanks. The skiing photos are cool - did you have a good time? My favourite is IMG_0175.JPG. I can't see any of you, though. Are you sure you went on this holiday?

    We flew over those Alps on our way to Venice, if indeed Alps they are.

  5. I had a great time thanks! had a hard couple of days getting back into work but I'm more motivated today.

    Ah yes, 0175.jpg. I decided to try out the B&W function on my camera, rather than to just edit it on my computer.

    I am to be found on the right side of 0144. And yes they are indeed L'Alps.

    I love your leafy photos, lovely colours. Have you printed any out poster size - cos I think you should.

  6. I haven't read your blog for a while,I've been saving it up only to find a photograph of me in Venice looking pregnant, Thanks...!