Monday, March 07, 2005

Pedants' Corner

Yes, Pedants' Corner, the first in an occasional series wherein I invite a guest small minder with chips on their shoulder to make sure that everything is done as it should be. Like Lynn Truss without the bookdeal.

This week, Pedantic P writes:

The tube driver this morning announced King's Cross St Pancras by saying, "We are now arriving at King's Cross and St Pancras stations." Rules don't constrain, you see, they liberate.


  1. Is this to go alongside your other project 'the etiquette vet?' You don't seem to have updated that recently. And did you get the idea for it from the Times?

  2. a) Hey, that's not fair. I've not been updating anything recently, so no need to pick out The Etiquette Vet for particular attention.

    b) My lawyer would like it known that I was unaware of Philip Howard's Modern Times column from The Times at the time. I would like it known that his column is more of an agony aunt than an etiquette vet, and is aimed exclusively at The Times' readership which means that every question is along the lines 'my wife and I are going to the opera and our au pair has been speaking with poor grammatical construction around the children - how do we fire her without feeling guilty?'. Also, it's in The Times, which isn't funny (with the sole exception of Giles Smith, who is).

    Grr, stupid The Times, stealing my idea before I'd even thought of it, and then doing it differently. I'll have my revenge on you, Rupert Murdoch, if it's the last thing I do (and I'm sure it will be).

  3. yay, the angriest man really is angry!