Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Politics and My Bedroom

bedroom, originally uploaded by Bill Murray's Moustache.

Hi. This is a photo of my bedroom. Hmm. But it's not a photo I've taken. It's a photo of my bedroom that someone else has put up on the internet. OK, in fairness it was put up by the letting agents, who haven't taken the page down since we moved in, but I still feel some sacred line has been crossed in the process.

Channel 4 have started a website that promises to be at least mildly interesting to those of a political bent. Called Factcheck, it's based on , the site that Dick Cheney got wrong mentioning it in a speech. It promises, according to the Grauniad, to check the factual accuracy of everything the parties say in the upcoming bloodletting horrorshow of an election, in which all three parties are committed to leaving no baby unkissed, no insinuation uninsinuated, no muck unraked.


  1. For more election advice this is a good site:

    Actually, no its not. It would be a good site if the policitcal parties had done what he asked, but only Lib Dems did.

  2. Well, that's a nice try at least. Back to the tried and tested method of picking your favourite colour and voting for it. The Green Party have best understood that this is the decision-making tool most employed at the ballot booth.