Wednesday, March 23, 2005


Hi. You may have noticed that I've not actually written much recently. This is down, in part, to my natural resistance to do anything that resembles work, and writing a blog bears many of the characteristics of writing a report, except with less bullet points. The main part, though, is that I've been:

  • Packing to leave my old house after 3 1/2 years of accumulating crap (I had to throw away three treasured bags of polystyrene)
  • Moving into new place.
  • Unpacking into new place.
  • Going on holiday to Venice.
  • Coming back.
  • Making up spurious lists.

Venice was great. I was there for 3 nights with my friends P & C. We wandered around the beautiful narrow streets with an air of supreme smugness, all because we took hand luggage only. The three words in the English language that sum up self-satisfaction only marginally less completely than 'married to a millionaire with a heart condition'.

There are a lot of churches in Venice, a lot, something like one per capita, so they obviously need to compete in order to stay in business. Some have adopted the tactic of being breathtakingly built, with domes, pillars and frescos illustrating Christ completing his tax forms. Those who built more bog-standard churches have opted instead to compensate for their comparative lack of majesty by ringing their bells every five minutes, really loud.

Anyway, I'll tell you more of Venice when I've not got a clock sat in the corner of the screen counting down minutes, which I find creepy (I'm in an internet cafe, though, so it's not so unlikely). I now need to find how to make broadband pump out of the holes in my new house. I have three minutes left to do so. Whoops.

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