Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Awww, isn't he a sweetie?

Right, all this recent photo frenzy will no doubt culminate in my parents coming online and posting my baby photos for all to see. I wouldn't mind that, as anyone who's ever spent more than five seconds in my company would know that I consider myself to have been The Cutest Baby That Ever Was Born. Seriously, I was cute.

Secondly, if you cast your eyes downwards and rightwards you'll see that I've added a link to all of the other blogs who share tube stations with me. When I say downwards and rightwards, I mean within the confines of your monitors, otherwise you'll just end up looking at a patch of carpet, and possibly one of your shoes. I've only managed to find one of even remote interest (sorry bloggers of N8, but you seem to all be self-regarding 13-year-olds with capitalisation problems all too intent on posting the contents of the sandwich you ate this lunchtime) is I See Famous People which lists famous people seen in Crouch End. For the record, I've seen Alexi Sayle chomping on meze, Simon Pegg squeezing vegetables, er, that guy from Coupling, you know, the Welsh one, and the once-ubiquitous Sean Hughes, who seems to have stopped leaving his house. To be quite honest, there's far more famous people in Islington, but this guy is quite good at spotting the evasive little Heat-fodder.

Next on the agenda, I'm sure there's a nascent rebellion brewing over Ken's decision to raise the bus fares to £1.20. Anyone want to join me in a bloodthirsty mob storming the Erotic Testicle? Or City Hall, as the GLA will still insist on calling it. We'd have to get travel cards, but I'm sure with our burning torches we can put in an application for a refund while we're there. An application for a refund with extreme force.

Finally, I leave you with a link. Here is what the most powerful man in the world calls his nearest and dearest as nicknames. Clearly, there's too much time on his hands. If I were the leaders of North Korea and Iran, I'd be clubbing together to buy the guy a Playstation or a cute puppy to keep him occupied.


  1. OOh Rolf Harris was spotted on the broadway - Now that is exciting.

  2. OOh Rolf Harris was spotted on the broadway - Now that is exciting.

  3. I've seen Rolf Harris loads of times, all over the place.

  4. Clearly someone was vry impressed with Rolf, or two people were equally impressed. But this third comment. Does it negate the previous two?

    I'd definitely be impressed if I saw Rolf. I'd run up to him, wobbleboard a-waving.