Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Zoe Williams...

Far be it from me to link to a Zoe Williams article... Well, ok, near be it from me then, but here goes:

This article from today's Gruniad nicely captures a lot of the ranting and huffing that I do about the housing market, although her solutions contain a lot less heavy ordnance than mine do.

Day two of being in the office on my own, and I've developed two exciting new tendencies:

  • Singing to myself absent-mindely
  • and
  • Rocking backwards and forwards on my chair in the manner of a disturbed child
Oh, I'm going to have some explaining to do when I'm inevitably caught in the act by the Vice Chancellor on a tour of the provincial offices with a gaggle of dignitaries, aren't I.

I may progress to unselfconsciously dancing round the office tomorrow.


  1. I'm in the office on my on and I think I'll have a nap.

  2. I'm struck by the image of Homer Simpson, doughnuts on lap, putting his feet up on all the scientific equipment and snoring. Is this an accurate representation?

  3. That's about right. Only replace the donuts with a carton of milk, because I just went and bought one. Mmmmmm, miiiiiilk

    On the side of the carton is a handy recipie for banana flip: Whisk or blend half a pint of milk with a sliced banananananana and a desertspoon of sugar until thick and frothy. Sounds good!

  4. Well how about that. Today is 'National salt awareness day'.

    Its true!