Monday, January 31, 2005

Secret Admirer?

Someone anonymously left a strange present, a token of affection, outside my office the other day. From an admirer, perhaps? Who could it be from?

It was rolls and rolls of old-fashioned fax paper. I'm touched. Like the old saying goes, 'say it with stationery'.

I think I might cry.

In television comedy news: The new series of Look Around You is on tonight (Monday 31st January, 10.00pm on BBC2). If it's as good as the first series they'll have achieved a remarkably consistent approach to programme making. NB: May be nerdier than the average person, but you're on the internet, which puts you in that bracket automatically.


  1. No stories about your weekend....?

  2. No, I did have a very nice weekend, thank you for asking. Why, have you got stories about my weekend you'd like to post up? Please bear in mind that the usual tedious libel laws still apply, and that I have the supreme power of The Delete Button.