Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Gore Blimey

Well, I've tried to resist as long as possible, but while searching for pictures of false beards on the internet yesterday (long story), I came across a picture that broke my heart. Here it is.

One, it reminded me that Al Gore lost in 2000. Which reminded me in turn that Bush won in 2000. Which reminded me that Gore grew this great beard. Which he then shaved off. And then, beard or no, he didn't stand in 2004. Which reminded me that the perma-grinning monkey-faced goon got reelected.

I ended up finding a lego website showing the head of every lego man ever made. Many of them had beards. I found this a bit weird. Click here if you want to see disembodied yet bearded lego heads.


  1. How odd: type "false beard" into the google image search and you get loads of images of Egyptian statues, plus one picture of madonna.

  2. Ah, the internet. You never fail to puzzle and terrify me in equal measures. I hope everyone's got a convincing explanation when the office thought police come round to ask just why you were typing in 'beard' 'false beard' 'al gore beard' 'madonna beard' into Google. I'm blaming my childhood.

  3. Ask my cousin about the office thought police...they weren't too happy when he googled "Beaver" (looking for an online copy of LSE's student newspaper)

  4. Oh great. Now with the words 'beaver', 'orgy', 'beard', 'sweating' and 'Al Gore' on my page I'm bound to be fired. And it's all innocent. Except for the word 'orgy' which definitely only has one meaning.

    Probably makes it easier to find. I can't imagine there's too many other pages that come up when you type 'al gore beaver orgy' into google. Hmm, 10 pages. What a world, eh?

  5. You actualy get 15,200 pages - now that is scary!