Monday, January 24, 2005

Cross-Promotional Back-Slappery

Pubs. Gotta love 'em, eh?

If indeed you do, you'll want to go to the incredibly useful Fancy A Pint, where you'll be able to have a good nose round and vastly improve your drinks-life.

Oh, and the reviews for:

The Princess Alexandra

O's Bar

and T-Bird

were written by me, which makes them accurate in every which way. I could explain the science behind it, but you're all too dim to be bothering with. Begone!

Also, I invented sellotape and wrote the final draft of Albert Camus' The Outsider. Before I got my hands on it, it was a comic novel about a plucky left-back playing for Marseille, the centrepiece being a slapstick romp scene where he gets drunk and punches the Mayor's wife, and there wasn't all that much about his mum dying or him killing any arabs. The bugger didn't give me any credit, mind.


  1. The latter part of this post is just another opportunity for you to use your word of the month - romp - isn't it?

  2. Good stuff - a public spirited toilet and sofas that nestle with armchairs! No sign of any romping though.

  3. That reminds me - we'd talked about going for a pint this week. Tuesday or wednesday ok with you?

  4. Yeah London's so low on pubs offering public-spirited romping on nestling sofas or armchairs.

  5. talking of pubs reminded me...not romping....

    ok I'll stop posting now

  6. I'll have it known, on the record, that I've never nestled a table or a chair in my life. And I've got character witnesses as long as your arm. Yes, tiny little midget jockey character witnesses, bless 'em.

  7. who said anything about tables? You're just twisting our words to your own needs and hoping we don't notice aren't you

  8. I notice no denial of the romping bit though :rollseyes:

  9. Am I being ganged up on in my own blog?



    You see that? That's a line drawn in the sand. None of you better dare cross it, or there'll be trouble, belive you me. Trouble in letters 5'9" tall. Trouble that drinks London Pride and dances a bit funny. Got that?

  10. There are those who have said that he is 5'10" when he rises to his full height. Some have spoken of his imperious gaze and stately nose. He is feared and respected by all.