Sunday, January 16, 2005

The Etiquette Vet

Ok, here's a shameless plug. But given that this site is nothing but a shameless plug for how interesting I am, I'm sure you've already forgiven me. Cheers.

Yes, anyway the plug. The easily-impressed amongst you will have noticed in the top right of your screen, and been impressed by, the glowing logo of a spanky website called The Etiquette Vet. What, I hear you saying to your work colleagues as the nation becomes abuzz, is an Etiquette Vet? Well, I boom back in my deep rich voice, it's a repository of all the learnings built up over my twenty-mumble years in the front line of being polite and cordial to people. (Note: The military reference was for any American interlopers who will take the 'vet' to mean 'veteran', i.e. one having served in a war on the side of etiquette. To the rest of the english-speaking world, it will paint on your mind's canvas a picture of a man with his arm elbow-deep up a cow called Etiquette's arse. Both views are equally valid, post-mods.)

Anyhoo, take a look, let me know what you think, and take heed of the appeal for situations that require the firm guiding hand of etiquette to spank them into shape (another military metaphor there, for those who are counting).

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