Friday, January 14, 2005

Friday Afternoon: The Longest Hours

Hi. I'm this deep in powerpoint presentations, so I'm clearly in the mood to be distracted.

So, you've always like Trigger Happy TV, Beadle's About, Candid Camera, but the nagging doubt that they weren't nearly sports-centric enough has always lingered at the back of your mind, distracting you when you should be laughing at a man dressed up as a traffic policemen making all the traffic stop while a giant dog crosses the road? Well, the answer to your problems (the non-medical ones, anyway) can be found here. Warning: It's long, and features a jogger. And may or may not have sound, but you don't need sound for this.

I'll leave you, on this Friday afternoon, with the best simile in the current book I'm reading (NB he's in a swimming pool, context fans):

Sean semi-emerged from the Hockney deep, his eyes peering along the surface of the water like a sexually conflicted hippo.
If anyone's ever written a line about a sexually conflicted hippo before Peter Bradshaw in Lucky Baby Jesus, I'd like to know about it. Really. There's nothing in the bible, I know that. I'd like you all to do google searches, in the hope that someone somewhere takes notice of these things. (It just brings up an extract of the novel if you want to read more without going to the effort of buying it, or waiting for me, the slowest reader with a reading age greater than five in the London Borough of Harringey, to finish it so you can borrow it.)

Oh, and I've got plans afoot for a new website, which may explain the scantness of my recent postings. Probably over the next week or so. Oh yes.


  1. You're only the slowest reader in Harringey because I've moved to another borough!

  2. That'll be the third website in as many months!

    I'm going for a beer - want to join me?

  3. Beer? Is that a time-limited offer, or did I miss the boat by clocking off at five on the dot? Damn. If it makes up for it, I fell down some stairs at a club later on on Friday. But so did everyone who attended. LSE, I'm telling Watchdog on you.