Friday, January 21, 2005

Get on the Bus

Yawn. Hello Friday.

In common with all bloggers everywhere (well, London), here's an anecdote about London Transport:

A woman in front of me gets on the W7 bus, the bus-stops of which move overnight in order to remind the comfortable citizens of Crouch End how lucky they are. It's one of those pay before you get on routes, and the woman makes the mistake of asking for a single to Finsbury Park. The bus driver, bored of the traffic jam he's been in for the past ten minutes, replies, "I'm sorry sir, but you'll have to go to the bus stop and buy a ticket from the machine."

There is a pause while the woman (who's actually very womanly) works out which part of what he's said pissed her off most. Before she finds focus for her anger, the driver catches up with himself, saying, 'Oh, er, sorry. And anyway, I don't even know where the bus stop is anymore. Just get on.'

And a bus driver winked at one of my friends when she got on the bus yesterday. This public service announcement, entitled Bus Drivers: They're Human Too, Y'know is available in Braille and the more exotic languages from your local library.

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  1. The Same bus driver's eyes seemed to pop out this morning when giving my bus pass an overenthusiastic stare as he sarcastically checked it's validity.