Thursday, January 20, 2005

Deadpan Conversations With Shop Sales Staff, Vol 6

Scene: Londis, Highbury. The woman in front of me has just spent £20 on bread, and is heaving them into binbags. The shop guy has a new till, which allows him to scan barcodes.

Me: [tapping new till] How long before this thing breaks down and you have to go back to the old one, eh?
Shop Guy: Hmm.

I think I hurt his feelings, and my deflating Luddism was as misplaced as saying, 'well, he'll probably get cuter. I wouldn't worry too much' to a new mother. I still want to know what all that bread was about, though.

In other news: I was stuck in a meeting yesterday where I resisted the twin temptations of meetings, namely doodling and drinking too much coffee. With this kind of rampant professionalism I will rise through the ranks like a minor royal.

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