Monday, January 03, 2005

Holiday pics

This post will veer dangerously close to being of severely limited interest, but hey! I'm the one in charge here, eh? Me and some friends went on holiday to Cornwall last year, and the resultant snaps have now been scanned in, and I've put them up on a beautifully functional website here. To further reduce the enticement, it has pictures of me with my top off which will come as no great surprise to anyone. Stupid winter, making me wear clothes.

Also, it breaks the strange code of anonymity which I've for some reason adopted. Why this secrecy? I couldn't really say. Maybe I had thoughts in the early days that I would be writing near-libelous exposés of corporate fraud and would need to hide behind a veil of mystery. I may still do this. London Metropolitan University and your evil slush funds, beware!


  1. Nice piccies - apart from the black and white one of me looking goofy. I had braces 12 years ago to stop me looking goofy (oh the pain, and agony) and in one photo you return me back to that pre-teen age when my teeth were too big for my mouth!

    How? They don't normally look like that!

  2. Sorry, the picture Keri refers to (4th picture down) was photoshopped with the sole purpose of making Keri look ridiculous. Sorry.

    The original is here.

  3. Aaaarrrgghh. Oh, hold on a sec. It's my blog. I can just delete anything I don't like.

    Also, I'm working on getting administrator privileges for the whole internet, so I'll be able to delete any pages, sites or people I don't like. I've just got to finish painting Mr AOL's car, and hope that Bill Gates doesn't recognise me as the Jim McKenzie who once drunkely cracked on to his gran. At a funeral.

  4. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  5. I see my last link didn't work, so I'm posting it again:

    getting my own back at Jim!and the last post which I deleted only said the sinister message of 'Po' - for reasons far too complicated to explain here.