Monday, January 24, 2005

Public Service Announcements

...if you understand 'public service announcements' as 'forthcoming gigs'. If not, I'm sorry for any confusion and for wasting valuable seconds of your time.

OK, two gigs by up and coming gunslingers (in the hip/young category):

First, both alphabetically and chronologically is Bison, who have a gig in London at West One Four in Kensington on the 5th of February. £6 on the door. I do believe that they've got a new MP3 on the website, but I couldn't get into the website. Bandwidth problems maybe. Anyway, they've very good, as those of you who were lucky enough to receive my Xmas Compilation CD will know.

See you there for Ska/Jazz/Soul, maybe more? Box 2341. No timewasters.

Secondly, there's the ever entertaining Warband on the 9th Feb at Dublin Castle, Camden, from 10:15pm to 11pm. Tickets are £5 or £4.50 with a flyer, obtainable from this email address. This, I'm also told, is Chinese New Year. What better way to celebrate, except perhaps by doing so in the presence of Chinese people? Anyway, they'll be nothing less than a very good time, and should you need convincing, they've got mp3s on their website, which I'm not typing out the link to again, thank you very much.

3dbl bedrooms, located in the heart of the electro-guitar district, suit prof couple. £5pcm, no timewasters.

Note: I am a member of neither of these bands, but am available (at rates negotiable) to perform cover versions of songs made popular by The Jungle Book.


  1. I'm game!

    Fraggle rock is a very catchy tune. I play it second after 'Paul newman's Eyes'

  2. Whaddya know? Dogs Die in Hot Cars are playing at The Garage in Highbury on Friday 18th Feb! Anyone want to go?

    Ooh, I'm all giddy with excitement (and caffine) today!

  3. I could be persuaded to go to that too...

    You mentioned the Chinese New Year - it looks promising for all the women out there as it is the year of the cock - wahoo!

    That was crude, I know...*hangs head in shame*

  4. I was told it was the year of the rooster. For once, I'm the one trying to raise the tone of the place. Honestly...