Thursday, December 23, 2004

Anrgriest? Not by a long chalk

Well, it's official. My URL is nothing but a sham of a fraud of a fake of a hoax. I'm not the angriest man. I'm not even the angriest Jim. A short perusal of Angry Jimmy should tell you that. Also there's Broadway Jim, who's NSFW, but who the hell is at work now? Additionally, this joker has stolen my Deadpan Conversations with Shop Sales Staff, invented a time machine, gone back to 1998, and had far more interesting conversations to boot. He's probably made them up though. Having been on the receiving end of some New York service industry people, however, I'm not so sure. When you have a barman look you in the eye and say, 'you're not Jewish, are you?', before they embark on a joke or anecdote, you've got to worry about them and the state of their country. IPCGM!

On the brighter side, there's Angry Jim who's quite a good graphic artist, all things considered.

However, it's too late for me now. I'll either have to become Very Angry, which will probably mean thinking about My Life Story (Click here to see a picture that should have you baying for blood. I'd put it on the main page, rather than link to it, but I respect your right to keep your breakfast down. Only click on that link if you don't mind seeing a glimpse of depravity and ugliness that even your most tranquil meditating monk would smack across the face. Please, don't hit your monitors - it's not real) more than is healthy, or just accept my place in the pecking order (currently Slightly Peeved Man in Crouch End).

Anyway, as the predictive text on my phone has it, have a very merry wobs. If anyone can explain to me what a wobs is, and why it's more important to my phone than xmas, please do. Do mobile phones gather together to share the secrets of their SIM cards at the annual Wobs celebrations, laughing uproariously at the ill-advised photos taken on your cameraphone of you, cross-eyed and bloodshot, with your arm around someone who looks like the Gurning Champion of Norfolk, and deleting those important voicemails while they loll around drinking mulled wine? I think I may have seen that Carphone Warehouse advert with the walking, talking mobile phones one too many times.

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